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"Lili-Ann and I have worked and travelled together for Independent Schools Victoria for the past eight years. It has been a privilege to do so, and it is rare to meet someone as thoughtful and eloquent as Lili-Ann. She listens, thinks, then expresses ideas fluently, enabling those around her to learn, understand and grow as educators, therapists and parents. Due to her rich experience with children in the early years, the Feuerstein programs, the Reggio Emilia Approach, Bright Start and Systematic Concept Teaching, she possesses a wide base to draw upon. Nothing seems to faze her – she is always a sea of calm and a great team player."

– Diane Bourke, Project Manager, Independent Schools Victoria

"Lili-Ann Kriegler, in her career as an educator of both children and adults, has made an original and wide-reaching contribution to education in this country. Lili-Ann’s personal gifts include a wonderful imagination and extraordinary creativity, combined with a strong curiosity and I have been privileged over many years to witness her work in primary school classrooms as well as early childhood settings, including the design of a wonderful early childhood centre.


Recently in her role at Independent Schools Victoria (ISV), Lili-Ann instigated and maintained the stewardship of an innovative Thinker in Residence project, which culminated in an exhibition displayed in the Atrium at Federation Square, Melbourne. This event illustrates so well the special gifts of Lili-Ann and her ongoing innovative contribution to education in the early years across Australia."

– Jan Millikan OAM, Educator, Author and Past President of the Reggio Emilia Australian Information Exchange

"I have known Lili-Ann since 2007, when I was a PhD student at the University of Western Australia and she was involved in professional advocacy through the Reggio Emilia Australia Information Exchange. As a head of school, her commitment to bold ideas, professional outreach, and intellectual support of her teachers was evident to me at the time. I have since been privileged to work closely with Lili- Ann in her capacity as consultant for Independent Schools Victoria and I’ve found her to be a productive, thoughtful, engaged and imaginative collaborator who I could always depend on, and who seminar participants trusted deeply."

– Dr Stefania Giaminutti, Senior Lecturer, Curtin University 

"I thought the pacing of the content was done well, with a combination of direct teaching, one-one questions, peer conversations, and active engagement worked well. Lili-Ann had excellent presentation skills. She personalised conversation, used our names, told anecdotal stories and asked for feedback. There was time for substantive conversation with other participants which helped to solidify our knowledge of the course."

– Judith Kahler, Tamborine Mountain State School, Queensland

"Lili-Ann’s knowledge and understanding of education, particularly Early Years, is vast. She has a rich and deep knowledge of the Reggio Emilia principles and practices and has been very closely involved with the dissemination of this approach in Australia including having successfully headed an Early Learning Centre where she implemented this philosophy.


Lili-Ann continues to stretch boundaries and make the connections between theory and practice. She continues to explore the links between emotion and cognition and how this plays out in the classroom. She seeks every opportunity to contribute to current research and further best practice. This, combined with her deep understanding and expertise in teaching, makes her an outstanding educator."

– Genia Janover, Principal Advisor and Ambassador Independent Schools Victoria

"Lili-Ann is a wonderful inspiration and mentor who has helped shape our way of thinking in our workplace. Her commitment and vision for meaningful conversations in our work with young children has transformed our practice and supported us to stretch our minds, to look beyond the walls of our practice and design programs that are authentic to the many different ways of thinking and knowing in our young learners – and indeed in ourselves as educators. She is witty, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. We look forward to extending our thinking and learning through this new publication."

– Debbie Hendren, ELC Director & Katina Grammatoglou, ELC Educational Leader, Presbyterian Ladies’ College, Melbourne

"We have been privileged to work and train with Lili-Ann for several years now. She has a warm and interactive presentation style. She takes theoretical concepts and eloquently presents them in a highly practical and structured way. Lili-Ann has wonderful communication skills: she listens, reflects, ponders and questions in a respectful and thoughtful way.


Lili-Ann has extensive experience and expert knowledge about child development, especially during the early years. She blends this knowledge, theory and practical experience in a very user-friendly way. This book will be an important and practical contribution to the literature for educators who seek to provide evidence-based, creative opportunities for their students."

– Mary Williams, Guidance Officer, Prep Teacher and Feuerstein Trainer, & Jenny Cummings, Prep Co-ordinator and Feuerstein Trainer, Tamborine Mountain State School, Queensland

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