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Lili-Ann Kriegler, education consultant and author, has taught at all levels from toddlers to adults Her expertise is in early childhood education for children 3-9 years of age; educational leadership and enhancing thinking skills for people of all ages. Her master’s in education and leadership crystallised her belief that learning is constructed in dialogue with others, that it is a social enterprise with many players.


"I believe in the transformative power of education"

Lili-Ann’s book, Edu-Chameleon, focuses on a situation in early education where there is a plethora of conflicting information. Preschool and Primary teachers are often asked to choose between learning or play in a binary way. They end up with decision paralysis. This results in many lost opportunities for students to gain mastery of concepts and to understand the world around them more deeply. Lili-Ann has reframed binary thinking in the early years, so that teacher can feel relaxed about their choice to either give children extensive freedom, or to teach them confidently and purposefully what they need to know. Her book reframes binary thinking and offers teachers seven dynamic ways to relate to students each with different goals and methodologies. She revisits the idea that early years’ education is hampered by ‘transmission’ or a push-down curriculum. Rather she sees education as a ‘trans-heritance’ of current learning which young children have an equal right to engage with applying all their immense resources and wisdom.

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