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On 29 October 2022,  Pooja A S and I once again joined forces to present this exploratory session on leadership. If you missed it, you can catch iy here Our inspiration for this presentation/workshop is the idea of Organic Leadership. I first encountered these ideas on a presentation online on LinkedIn by Kathleen D Allen, M.S. GSCM, CPSM, CPSD. I was so inspired by it because it made absolute sense to me that I immediately downloaded her book 'Leading from the Roots'. Kathleen creates a metaphorical analogy between a forest and an organisation. When we view a forest, we imagine that each tree is only trying to survive for itself, but recent studies have found this is not the case. In this presentation, I talk about what is going on, because beneath the soil there is a connective network called the Wood Wide Web which allows messages to be transferred through the ecosystem. Our organisations are ecosystems. A small change in one area can have an impact and change the system. So, why not make our changes positive and send messages of positivity to the organism? I recently read an article, The Right Way to Respond to Negative Feedback by Tasha Eurich in which small acts of change act as harbingers. A harbinger is a message to announce something, like a change on the way. A harbinger is like the first blossom announcing spring. We can consciously create harbingers announcing our changed perceptions, ideas and intentions. Pooja A S and I so enjoyed this online encounter with global attendees from far and wide. If the pandemic has taught us anything it is that we are more closely connected than we are apart. Like the trees in the forest. Watch the video and please share your thoughts with us. Below Is a link to the questions we framed related to each pearl. #woodwideweb #ecosystems #organisationalculture #organisationaldevelopment #organisationalchange #empathymatters #share #leadership

Click on the image to view the YouTube Video which was broadcast live on

29 October 2022

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